Talking about sport with your child gives you lots of chances to build vocabulary and math skills.

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Here are a few things you can practice with your child as you play and talk about sport together:

  • using prepositions – e.g. describing where the ball went (past the goal, through my legs, over his head, onto the roof)
  • turning verbs into nouns – e.g. bowl/bowler, pass/passing, tackle/tackling
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  • understanding chance – e.g. the chance of a coin landing on heads, the chance of rolling a six on the dice, the chance of scoring a goal
  • estimating area – e.g. of the swimming pool, sports field, netball court or dance studio
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  • talking about time – e.g. how long a game is played, how much time is left in the match
  • adding up time – e.g. how much time your child spends on sport / music / other outside-school activities each week
  • using fractions – e.g. how many quarters have been played in the football match, how many quarters remain.

How do you learn with your children? Please give us some ideas.

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