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Play & Inspire

LOL Surprize Dolls: THE ADDICTION! #familyinmotion

Who knew these #LOL surprize dolls were going to be such a hit… Not gonna lie wish I invented them!! We didn’t know about the craze that was to become the LOL doll when we purchased this one, and if we knew we probably wouldn’t have started the obsession which quickly swept the neighbourhood. Skylar...

Colourful #MilkExplosions

COLOURFUL #MILKEXPLOSIONS We absolutely love this experiment as its process somehow makes us believe in MAGIC!! And lets be honest we all want to instil a bit of magic into our children’s days where we can. This experiment is a fun and inexpensive but also has the wow factor for our children so worth a...

Colour Explosions

Colour Explosions Anything vinegar and baking soda is an absolute hit in our house… and we have found many a ways to use it but I do try to incorporate some sneaky fine motor development in, at the same time as exploring science conceptions such as reactions. "This experience is one where you might just have...

Pasta Jewellery Creations

WE LOVE #PASTA NECKLACES This is a fun and usually pretty readily available activity you can set up to help develop your children’s fine motor skills, concentration and persistence. It is also a meaningful gift to gift to people they love shall they choose (grandma's I hear love to sport the pasta jewellery look) This can...

Magic Ice

Create a beautiful Necklace
Exploring the process of freezing and melting Let's be honest there isn’t much magic to this experience for our old adult eyes but children are so lucky they still get the excited twinkle in their eyes as they explore new concepts and question “whys and hows”. For our magic ice experiment you are really exploring the...

Affordable Adventures to try with your Family

Want to get out and about and create some magical #family memories?   As a passionate outdoor enthusiast when it comes to children (probably as i spent most of my childhood out exploring) and what better thing to do is escape technology and explore the beauty in this drop dead gorgeous country of ours...

Beach hopping- North Island NZ

Beach hopping New Zealand has some of the most beautiful beaches near and far. Why not go on a beach hop with your family and see how many beaches you can explore and cover. Or take a special trip to some of New Zealand's most known spots such as; Cathedral Cove: where you can explore the...

 Impressive national parks to explore

National Parks NZ
 Impressive National Parks New Zealand's 13 national parks showcase more than 30,000 square kilometres of diverse, natural scenery ready to explore by foot, boat, car or air. Spend time in New Zealand's national parks and you'll begin to understand the beauty of this place. Our national parks are treasured and preserve our natural heritage, forests, wildlife and landscapes they...

Camp the nights away

Camp the nights away Camping is always a super fun family experience step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take some time reconnecting as a family. Try a family camping trip where you can fish in the lake, toast marshmallows over a fire, swim in a lake or go kayaking. Up with...


Adventure bush walk
BUSH WALK BONDING Bush walks are an amazing way to get out and about and take in some scenery whilst getting your children's bodies moving (as well as our own) it also gives them space to explore and ponder. A lot of children are more house bound these days then the old days with sections...

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