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 Impressive national parks to explore

National Parks NZ
 Impressive National Parks New Zealand's 13 national parks showcase more than 30,000 square kilometres of diverse, natural scenery ready to explore by foot, boat, car or air. Spend time in New Zealand's national parks and you'll begin to understand the beauty of this place. Our national parks are treasured and preserve our natural heritage, forests, wildlife and landscapes they...


Adventure bush walk
BUSH WALK BONDING Bush walks are an amazing way to get out and about and take in some scenery whilst getting your children's bodies moving (as well as our own) it also gives them space to explore and ponder. A lot of children are more house bound these days then the old days with sections...

Using teachable moments

teachable moments
The power of using teachable moments in your daily life You can help your child sharpen their observation and thinking and reasoning skills skills as you go about your normal day. For example instead of driving by the construction site by our house and saying "look it's a crane"  you could say something along...

The power of curiosity

Find a way
The power of curiosity Preschoolers naturally tend to radiate curiosity and continuously question the world. Sadly this quality sometimes starts to disappear as they get older. Sometime the 5000 questions in a day can drive us a little bit loco BUT this curiosity can be a powerful life attribute that we all want to keep ignited in our...

The power of purposeful praise

Praise can be a powerful resource
The power of purposeful praise Praise can be a powerful resource when used in a purposeful way. If #children constantly receive broad praise they will never see areas where they could use #development or motivate themselves to develop. Children also need to learn how to self motivate and accept lack of success so they learn...

The power of reading

Books are open a whole new world of imagination, vocabulary and understanding.   “Reading stimulates the brain to make connections and builds background knowledge about the world,” says Kim Davenport, chief program officer at Jumpstart, a national early-literacy organization. “Reading is the foundation of all learning and will enable a child to absorb and apply...

Affordable Adventures to try with your Family

Want to get out and about and create some magical #family memories?   As a passionate outdoor enthusiast when it comes to children (probably as i spent most of my childhood out exploring) and what better thing to do is escape technology and explore the beauty in this drop dead gorgeous country of ours...

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